The best YouTube channels for tech students

There are lots of great videos on YouTube to help teach and inspire junior coders and computing students, but for every one good video, there are ten other poor ones, with the all too frequent monotone mumbling in the background. I’d always recommend learning something new and tech related every day, and if you’re not the reading type, YouTube is a good place to go – so long as you stick to high quality channels! You should definitely find some of the videos on these channels insightful and entertaining – here are a few of my current favorites:


Derek Banas produces some of the best tutorials on the web, covering a huge variety of topics in pretty good detail. The information density in his videos is high, and he has many titles along the lines of “learn X in one hour” – sure, you might not get a deep grasp of the subject, however the way it’s presented, he would probably cover in 10 minutes what would take other teachers an hour to explain. This is also handy if you have a good foundation in programming, and just want to get a quick overview of subjects – while most of his videos are beginner friendly, due the pace at which he covers topics, you won’t find yourself constantly skipping to sections of interest like you might on other channels.

John Sonmez spends a great deal of time talking about the ‘soft’ skills required to be a successful developer, and has hundreds of videos covering just about every topic you can think of. His videos also have a strong focus on personal development and improvement which I like, and because the majority of his videos aren’t technical, they can be watched casually and should provide you with some good advice.

This channel has lots of fun tutorials and coding challenges, and Daniel Shiffman’s high energy will keep you interested. In many of his videos he uses a JavaScript library called p5, which makes it easy to draw and animate objects in the browser, and he uses this to visually demonstrate a multitude of techniques. If you’re looking for coding ideas, or just want to see how an experienced programmer tackles problems, you will find this this channel very useful and entertaining.

The majority of Siraj’s videos are on machine learning and artificial intelligence, so if you have an interest in that, you will definitely enjoy his channel. That said, he does post some non-technical videos and should provide some great insights to coders just starting out. If you don’t have any experience in machine learning some of his videos may be a little too technical, however he explains concepts very well and concisely.

Computerphile has been posting videos regularly for 4 years, and have hundreds of high quality explanations for just about every topic you’ll encounter in a CS degree. Again, this channel is more on the casual side, however I found myself using it to consolidate what I’d learned in class, and the various presenters are able to make complicated topics seem fairly simple and easy to understand. Due to the volume of videos, it’s a good channel to watch now and again to broaden your knowledge of computing as a field, and you are sure to find some videos relevant to your interests.

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