An app to help tech students get ahead

An idea for a web app that I’ve had for a while is something that helps tech students get ahead – improve their learning and careers prospects through a number of different approaches such as:
  • suggesting relevant meetups/talks/networking events to attend
  • list high quality, relevant audio content – talks/podcasts to listen to
  • suggest tech challenges/hackathons to take part in

The main focus of the idea (and the only thing I’ve started implementing) is suggesting local tech meetups and events. From attending a number of meetups in Edinburgh, I am convinced they are one of the best ways to help students get a feel for and learn about the industry, and increase confidence by listening to and speaking with a wide variety of people working in different areas in the industry.

The first mock-up of the tech event finder is available to view here.

It currently pulls events from and displays events within a specified distance from the inputted address (note – for this first draft the majority of events being pulled from the API are in Scotland).

I’ve had many thoughts for this web app – in the future I may consider allowing for the creation of user profiles, and some way to track progress or level up after attending so many talks or listening to so many podcasts – by trying to gamify it in some way, so the user is more likely to stick with it and create super productive habits, helping them to get ahead and stand out from other candidates.

Below is a rough idea of how the finished meetup/event aspect of the app might look on a full size screen


I’m hoping to put more time into this project after my exams in June are finished, and will likely post further articles talking about it, and any ideas or problems I have.

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